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Habits men should leave behind into 2019

Grace Wachira @yaa_grace

Dear men, we know you are not perfect. Nobody is. But this year, there are some things that men should give a back seat. You may think that you are being trendy, or showing your masculinity, but in real sense, you are losing on points.

Pouting while taking selfies

Duck-face or the pout whilst taking photos is part of the seduction technique of the descendants of Eve. So man, why would you pull a duck face? Or even pose with your legs twisted like you have polio? We will not talk about why there is even the need to take selfies in the first place, but if you must, please don’t pout. Unless you are a male version of a slay queen and a woman eater… Speaking of which…


Justice James Wakiaga may have come up with a new vocabulary— ‘woman-eater’ but this habit is not new. Men living in a woman’s house, driving her car and have no known source of income have been on the rise. From the look of things, it is not good to be a woman-eater. I mean, see how it turned out for Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu ­— the judge denied him bail for lack of a known address. Maintain your masculinity man.

LOL, ROFL, aaaw texting habits

If you must laugh out loud on text, text hahaha. If emotion moves you, desist from saying ‘aaaaw’. Instead, use actual words to show that something is sweet. Remain at all costs firm and do not let emotions get the better of you. Leave that to slay queens.


This is so shady. Let women walk on the streets, at the workplaces or wherever in peace. Cat-calling equals sexual harassment. Telling a woman that you like her behind or her boobs are really out of order. Approach a woman and strike conversations. Cat-calling and whistling is so last century.

Worse still is the unwarranted abuses hurled at women who ignore these men. Do not lash out when you are rejected. Pick up yourself, dust your broad shoulders and soldier on. Also, kindly stop ravaging women with your eyes.

Fashion hazards

Let’s start with wearing socks and ‘crocs’. Whoever mentioned that this was a great outdoor trend was wrong. They do not look good. Wear the ‘croc’ sandals and be on your merry way or the socks and shoes and carry on with your day. It’s okay to dye your hair. Go blonde or become a red-head or go aqua blue as long as you are artistic. Leave the distinct dye trademarks to artistes. If you are not in the creative industry, quit it. Why again do you need our attention yet you are not showcasing a thing?


Bar fights may sound cool for a young adult, but if you are in your 30s, this will just make you look daft. Learn to sort things out with someone in the more civilised manner. Either you can just talk to resolve the issue or walk away.

Avoiding doctors

And what is it with men fearing to go to hospitals. Don’t tell me with all your masculinity you fear needles. Man, this year you have to start caring since a lot of health issues can slow you down. Don’t act childish and skip doctor’s appointments– health problems don’t go away by themselves and nobody is immune to diseases.

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