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DJ Kalonje breaks up with girlfriend of seven years.

January is known as ‘the most deadly month for marriages and relationships’ because it sees the most divorces during any given time of the year. 

People want to put their lives in order, break from a relationship that has been struggling and start the year afresh. Perhaps this is why mix master George Waweru Kamonye popularly known as deejay Kalonje broke up with his baby mama Sonnie Kangai a few days before 2018 came to an end.

He took to social media to pen an emotional message, making it clear to the world that he is no longer in a relationship with his now ex-fiancée. “I just had one important priority in our relationship-you. The problem was that we both had the same priority.

All I can say is the seven years were worth it. Wish you good luck in all your endeavours. May you find happiness,” he captioned a photo of him and Sonnie on his Instagram Page.

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