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Consistency, sacrifice, key to a lasting relationship

Last week, the Government made true its threat and reigned in on the matatu industry. People have been walking to work as others are paying hefty fares. Others have opted to commute via train.

A lot can be learned from this crisis. First, unless something is deliberately done, things normally have a tendency of moving from a state of order to disorder according to the law of entropy.

That’s exactly what happened since the Michuki rules were put into place 10 years ago.

We had some order for a while before slowly reverting to our old ways of doing things because there was no deliberate effort on the part of the police.

The same happens in relationships, we start with a bang! We are madly in love, we cannot imagine life without each other. We make our vows and promise to forsake all others and keep ourselves only for our partner.

But with time, unless we do some things deliberately, we find ourselves drifting apart and even cheating on each other.

When these rules first came into being, people trekked for several days to and from work as the matatu industry tried to arm-twist the Government into relenting.

Then we had come from such madness that travelling by matatu was a nightmare and so in support of Michuki people were willing to pay the price by walking to and from work. And because of that sacrifice, order was restored.

The second lesson we can learn from this is that for order to be restored even in a relationship, a lot of sacrifices must be made.

Nothing comes easy, so often we want to enjoy a thriving relationship with little or no sacrifice. It is only in fairy tales that such things happen, in real life it takes work for marriage to work. 

The final lesson we can pick from this is that we must consistently implement what we have agreed upon. Had the traffic department been consistent, we wouldn’t be where we found ourselves.

Failure to consistently follow through and implement what is required for a great relationship is what makes us revert back to our old ways even after attending some of the most powerful seminars. For true and lasting transformation, consistency to purpose is a must.

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