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Churches get richer as hopeless ‘flock’ get poorer

It’s easy to speak of how big business or politicians eat from the trough but has anyone noticed how the Church never seems to go through a recession? Have you seen how flashy these pastors get? With international travels day in, day out to open international ‘branches’? Correct me if I’m wrong, but the modern-day pastor would comfortably top on a wealth list in the country, almost giving politicians and entrepreneurs a run for their money.

Worry not though, because in between their busy schedules, you know—international businessmen and real-estate moguls, they’ll always spare some time, sorry, enough time for we the flock to come and give our tithes and offerings.

 Now, don’t get me wrong because this is not to mean that men of God should live like John the Baptist. Who would want to walk in sack clothes and have no known abode anyway?

But when you preach hope to the hopeless (the flock) and in turn ask for the ‘seed’ and people go deep into their pocket and give the little they have, it’s their vulnerability you’re taking advantage of.

I would actually be comfortable pandaing mbegu if it was solely for God’s work. But when God’s work becomes flashy suits, designer watches, Jimmy choo shoes and a chopper, I think twice. How many Sundays have you seen your ‘daddy and mummy’ drive that V8 and Merc past you? Then later ask for an offering, after reading the sermon from an iPad? Well, I stand to be counted.

Once at a service, I gave the offering (nowadays they do it before preaching just in case you have to leave earlier, hehe). So it was time to give, they call it the best part of the service and they’ll convince you to give smiling because well, God loves a cheerful giver. So there I was, cheerfully giving my offering.

Then sometime in between the sermon, we had to contribute for sijui screens or was it a PA system? Then after, we were made to understand there’s hope and that money will come flowing that week, we were asked to sow a seed to seal that blessing. And so we dug deeper and deeper into our pockets that by now were empty­—at least mine was.

A friend once said,’ let’s leave before they ask for any more money.’ Now that is the Church today, they preach what people want to hear and out of desperation, people will give anything they have for the fulfilment of these prophecies.

But when will these men of God realise that there are people who could use some of the ‘seeds’ we ‘sow’ for health, for food or for education? Plus it’s about time the Church invests in its own flock.

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