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Cheers to all resting dads

My social media is in frenzy with Father’s Day messages dedicated to fathers splattered all over. One thing has stood out, though. Many I’m coming across are from bereaved and orphaned children.

Now, while my eyes could have been selectively picking out these tributes, perhaps because I too only just lost my dad in April this year and seeing these many Rest in Peace messages triggered the thought of appreciating all incredible fathers and guardians who made a difference in their children’s lives, leaving a lasting memory.

Left a mark

That they are remembered with so much fondness only replicates the good that they once did. When I think of my dad these days, I barely think of our last moments, but those we shared when I was younger. I think of the sacrifices he made to buy us bicycles despite tough budgets and that he took time to teach us to ride.

I remember him arriving at our primary school, so early on Sunday mornings, sending the Christian Union fraternity into a mad rush, thinking he was the preacher. I remember braiding my dad’s hair and to spice it up, how in his anger he once threw a stool at me.

Strong dads

Everyone must have believed their dad was the strongest. In fact, as children, we jeered at each other, comparing the strength of our dads and threatening each other to war, dads as our back-up. To think these very same men now lie silent, some for being too strong, pains my heart.

I know too many dads who suffered silently to their grave because the world expected them to be strong. My dad was one of them. I remember scolding him, making him promise to let us know well in time…next time. But next time would never be.

The sacrifice of being a dad

Many dads left because they would rather go than stay and cause pain. This is easily reflected in the many men who walk in their father’s footsteps. Other dads left while serving to protect their families and some are unfortunately waiting to die because they feel they have completed their mission and the world no longer needs them. Let’s celebrate all gone dads.

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