Audi: Silky smooth

How did you get the car?

I got the car through a friend, we were actually going through the Internet and I saw the car that we had been conversing about. When I saw it I knew I had to have it. It is a very highly rated car, was in great condition and, therefore, I had no reason not to go for it.

Been on any road trips?

No, I haven’t done any road trip since I am not used to taking long distance drives. I know myself well I may feel dizzy at the wheel and risk dozing off at the wheel, but I have just driven it to the Southern Bypass to stretch its legs and feel out the power, which was a pleasing experience.

The highest speed with the ride?

I have pushed the speedo needle until it was nudging 170 km/h. But I try not to drive aggressively since I feel like this may interfere with some of its parts, potentially wrecking it and depreciating its future resale value.

Any modification?

I have done downlighters, the engine has been tuned properly, it is just fully serviced, that’s all.

What do you love about it?

The speed is amazing, it makes you happy. You know after a long day at school and at the workplace when you just take a ride home it makes you feel so happy and proud. It’s not as brash as Subarus and others, driving it is a refined and comfortable experience.

Any drawbacks?

Yes, no car is perfect since they are built by humans and what I have realized in general about German cars is that they have too many sensors. You can even find a sensor in the exhaust, though there is no problem with the engine systems, they tend to have too many sensors.

Did you know?

Audi is a member of the Volkswagen group and derived its logo from the merging of four companies under the four-ringed logo.

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