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Brent Muema, Founder Parts ‘R’ Us Auto

What do you like and dislike most about selling car parts?

I like when I sell products online. I get to build my name in the industry. I also get more calls, enquiries and most importantly more sales from the networks I have created. I dislike the fact that it is a competitive industry and a potential client would leave your shop, go to the next because you are Sh100 expensive.

One thing that many people don’t know about you?

I was once a Telaviv matatu driver plying South C route. The daily income was good considering I owned the matatu, but the cartels forced me to sell it.

Challenges you face while selling car parts?

There is a perception that people who sell online are con men. Therefore, convincing someone that you are a genuine dealer is an uphill task. But that has changed as I have built a brand from networking and getting referrals.

Biggest misconception people have about you?

That I have been in the industry for long. Truth is, I started last year. Interest, passion, determination and consistency have brought me this far and I have bigger plans. Watch this space.

Memorable country you have ever been to?

East or West home is the best. I love the clean sandy beaches at the South Coast.

Best place you like to visit at your free time?

Driving down to Namanga (Kenya-Tanzania border). There’s a place called Daraja Mbili and they have delicious food. Their plantains and kuku choma would make you drive down with family and friends every weekend.

Best childhood memories?

Playing with tyres around the hood. Playing ‘shake’ in the neighbouring estate. Then there was a thing about juggling a ball like a pro bare feet.

Best and worst work experience?

Worst was when a client confirmed an order, gave directions then switched off his phone when I arrived. Best was when I once delivered an item to a client, he was impressed with the manner of professionalism. He referred me to three garage owners who are currently my biggest clients.

Best way to relax?

Spending time with my two boys aged two and nine.

Hardest decision you ever made?

Starting a business from scratch. I was clueless on where to start, but I got support from friends in the industry.

Lowest moment in your life?

When I lost my dad in 2012 to diabetes-related complications.

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