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Some ‘engineers’ are just academic socialites

In Campo, there are people who brag, and there are engineering students! I honestly think that the world ‘braggart’ was coined specifically for these people. This crowd behaves like they are the promised princes and princesses, sent to rescue earth.

You should see how they walk around campus; you’d think they’re the hallowed souls who dine on the tables of heaven. First of all, these braggadocios will make sure everybody in campus notices they are engineering students. Even in the hottest of days, these wannabe peeps walk around campus wearing their oily aprons you would mistake them for mechanics.

Then they will carry those big wooden rulers and calculators with pencils balanced on the ear, like the mastermind engineers they are. Clap for them brethren. They’re so bright that we don’t need Chinese folks to build us roads! Now that y’all decided to walk around Campo with your full engineering regalia, should we all start walking around with our tools of trade?

Perhaps we’ll start seeing dentistry students walking around with a set of teeth. These so-called engineers then have a habit of demeaning everybody else and disregarding what they do. You speak to them like, “Hey, I’m doing pharmacy” and the latter will look at you and go like “Is that a career?

We are engineers!” Okay then Mr Engineer, next time you fall sick, kindly take a dose of Calculus and differential equations then wait for your healing! They have this behaviour of dragging physics and whatever it is that they are taught in every situation, just to sound smart.

You should hear them confusing first year girls “Hey babe, you fascinate me more than the fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Can we now convert our potential energy to kinetic energy and test the spring constant of my mattress?” These engineering peeps should just play cool on the theatrics and focus on rendering the Chinese jobless.

You can’t be proudly bouncing along Campo roads in full costume to show off, and then make us dig deep into our taxes to import people to build roads and dams. We are no longer impressed by clout!

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