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Second chance

Adalla Allan   

Why did you opt for this bike?

The guy who used to own the bike was abusing it, he used to treat it as a bodaboda bike. if you know your passion about bikes, the moment you see it, you already know its worth.

How did you get the bike?

The seller had some financial problems so when it told him I give him Sh30,000 for the bike, he was like, “Are you for real?” and I told him,”yes I am”. He even gave me the yellow helmet of a bodaboda guy as a discount due to his gratitude. At first, I gave him a Sh20,000 deposit then cleared the balance later.

Any modifications?

We have customised quite a few parts on this bike including the double headlights, the handlebars, the speedometer, the leather seat, the frame itself, the exhaust, the indicators and also recently changed the whole starter kit when it died.

What does this bike do for you?

This bike is my outlet. Whenever I am stressed, when I want to think, it makes everything about life fun. Even moving around is fun because imagine if you have to go to Ruaka then Mlolongo and then to Rongai in a matatu, sincerely speaking you will suffer in the incessant traffic jam.

I also love the consumption, right now I can tell you I fuelled this bike the previous day with Sh300 and I have roamed with it all over including riding from the Ngong suburbs to Two Rivers Mall.

How much did it cost to customise?

For the accessories alone I spent Sh60,000 and the bike itself set me back Sh30,000, totalling to Sh90,000. It took me four months to do all these customisations, though the bike was mechanically stable for riding through that period, however, I couldn’t ride it as my worry then was that people would mistake me for a bodaboda guy.

The furthest road trip you have been on?

I have done Nakuru and I am hoping to do Kakamega once the bike is complete. I have also reached the 140km/h top speed. A good thing about the bike is that it gives a warning by raising an alarm once the speedometer reaches a certain speed.

Any drawbacks?

The biggest issue I have with the ride is that it is an old model 1981. To get parts for it is not a walk in the park. Even if you try hard and get them, the other bigger challenge is the prohibitive cost. Recently, my starter died and the replacement I found on eBay cost me Sh15,000, so you can imagine if you break something more sensitive in the engine.


The three tuning forks of the Yamaha Logo represents the cooperative relationship that links the three pillars of the Yamaha Motor Company – technology, production and sales.

Name: Robert Kidoro.

Occupation: Telecommunication engineer.

Bike: 1981 Yamaha SR 250.

Engine: 249cc single cylinder.

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