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Romantic chemistry

Marcella Akinyi

How did you meet?

Diana: We met six years ago on a Tuesday Night at K1 Club House. I was working during the Love Whisky festival and he was a client then, who had come to see how his products were doing. He had come with his close friend and because it was raining heavily, service was extremely slow.

So, I noticed they had sat there for quite a while before being served, and I went and took their order. We just hit it off the minute we talked, and he offered me his coat because I was cold. Such a gentleman.

How was dating like and when did you know it was time to move to the next level?

We were quite young when we met, it was a roller coaster for both of us. We got to know each other slowly, grew up and got to see what the universe had in store for us.

After all the lessons learnt and getting to know what worked for our relationship, it was a bit straightforward. We both couldn’t imagine a life without each other.

How was the proposal like?

Wow… He had his whole family in the loop, I was the only one who didn’t know it was happening. He tricked me and told me were going for dinner with a close couple of ours.

Midway to the restaurant, they bailed on us because of “work”. We got there and had dinner and drinks then went back home. As soon as I opened the door, I saw roses from the doorstep, I heard music, and I saw a slide of our photos playing on TV.

There were candles and helium balloons everywhere and one of our couches was missing. You can imagine my shock because I had left the house intact just two hours earlier. I got so emotional when I saw a photographer at the balcony door.

I finally said ‘Yes’ after many questions and tears, then our close friends and family jumped out… Surprise! And we popped a couple of champagne bottles to celebrate.

How was the wedding planning process?

I love planning things, trips, events… all that. Thanks to social media, I had been doing my research all along. So, immediately after the proposal I started scouting everything wedding related. We had given ourselves a month for getting and locking down all vendors, which we managed. The process was both challenging and simple.

Because as a couple, you have all these stuff you want for your wedding, but a lot changes when you start putting things into perspective. My sisters helped us a lot and they made the process quite bearable. They got our vision so well that whenever we were a bit stressed, they’d swoop in and handle things.

It really helped that we had a great support system. What we most wanted was to not be running around doing wedding errands close to the D-day. So, we were done planning a month prior, and all we did then was to concentrate on us.

How was your wedding like? What was memorable?

It was fun! Seeing everyone come together to support us on our special day was quite overwhelming, and we enjoyed it. We were going for a romantic theme, so we had a lot of gold and deep reds around. It’s hard to pick on what was the most memorable because so many things were happening.

But we must say in church, when I walked down the aisle and he was standing there waiting for me. We locked eyes and we couldn’t wait to say ‘I do’. At that moment, all the challenges and lessons we’d gone through were worth it.

What were some of these challenges?

We experienced challenges from the simplest things such dealing with some vendors and being a bit sad because I couldn’t find a wedding dress that ‘was me’, to the complicated stuff of a few family issues here and there.

You see, at the end of the day, you are bringing two different families together. So, as much as you’ve learnt each other, you get to learn about the other family as well. You are bound to bump heads sometimes, but we thank God everything worked out.

What would you advise couples planning a wedding?

Budget! Before any decisions are made, including the date of the wedding, create a budget of even the smallest things such as make-up or barber fees and stick to it. This is crucial because you can easily be thrown off with expenses here and there.

Remember, it’s an extremely special day but also, it’s just one day. You don’t want to be financially strained at the beginning of your marriage. At the end of the day, it’s your day. Anyone else’s opinions and suggestions don’t matter.



DATE: MAY 4, 2019




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