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Mercedes meets Land Cruiser

Antony Msanii

Mechanical engineer

Ride: Mercedes Benz CLS 2009 body and 2007 Toyota Land Cruiser J100 Chassis

Engine: 4.2-litre Toyota Land Cruiser 100 series straight 6 cylinders diesel engine

How did you get the car?

We took a Mercedes CLS body and the Toyota Land Cruiser chassis with some imported parts from the US, and this was the outcome. The most important thing to consider was the correct measurements for the parts we were to order from overseas to avoid the challenge of acquiring parts that are not compatible with the automobile. We also considered the stability of the car.

What do you love about driving this car?

Just the thrill, the attention it draws due to its uniqueness and the fact that it can go anywhere due to the big wheels. As the Spiked family, we have always been in love with the US car culture, so we wanted to create our local big-wheeled car and we managed.

What has been your highest speed with the car?

We were in Narok off-road, and were cruising at around 120km/h on a levelled road. That is the highest speed it has ever recorded due to its great density.

Any drawbacks?

The main challenge with this car is that you cannot floss it on regular roads due to the big wheels. You will feel some vibrations on the steering wheel due to the impact the wheel grips make on the road. It is also challenging when sharing the road with oncoming vehicles since the roads in Kenya are not designed for monster trucks. Even when taking it to exhibitions, we are forced to carry it on a truck if it is a long distance from our garage. For shorter distances, we drive it slowly. You only enjoy it on rough roads.

Any other modification?

The car has a modified chassis of the Land Cruiser, and the suspensions and the wheels are also modified. The wheels are super swamper TSL bogger tyres of 15-inch diameter rim.


The fastest speed record for a monster truck was achieved in 2014 by Mark Hall in Raminator (monster trucks that race on special events) at a speed of 159.5 km/h.

Now you know.

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