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Kaka Empire’s Golden team

Kaka Empire has finally unveiled what the mysterious Empire’s Gold is. After over a month of cryptic teasers the project and leaving industry players and fans curious; the successful management stable revealed Empire’s Gold this past Friday.

Empire’s Gold is a brand new unit managed by Kaka Empire, it represents a younger and fresher phase for the management stable. The brand encompasses three super talented musicians ; 19-year-old Bridget Blue, 20-year-old  Lyka Rose and a boy-band called Jadi.

Speaking on the unveiling of Empire’s Gold, King Kaka, chairman of Kaka Empire said “The Kenyan music industry is evolving, the younger generation has a lot of talent to offer the industry. Empire’s Gold signifies a fresh new infuse of dynamism and talent into the entertainment industry. We cannot wait for the audiences to hear what they have been working on!”

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Takataka banned

When the song came out, Alvindo was praised by some people, and even landed a recording deal with Fast Cash Music. After releasing the remix, which featured Fast Cash Music CEO, KRG, Kenya Film and Classification Board boss, Ezekiel Mutua, banned the song and wants the artiste to appear before the board in 14 days.

“The song Takataka by Alvin aka Alvindo is characterized by crude language that objectifies women and glorifies hurting them as a normal reaction to rejection.

The song has obvious elements of incitement to violence against women by using repetitious emotional phrases and misrepresented facts,” read a statement by KFCB.

The news was met with mixed reactions, with KRG firing back at Mutua.

“Where were you when Alvindo was doing manual jobs at Burma Market? Since you wanna spoil his career do you have an idea of what he should be doing to pay his bills?” he asked.

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Notre Dame

One of the oldest and most iconic churches in Europe, the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, burned and the world caught a proverbial cold. French president, Emmanuel Macron, declared that the whole French nation was overwhelmed with “emotion”, while Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo could not find “Strong enough words to express the pain” she felt.

As empathy poured in, so did the scorn from the rest of the world in equal measure, as they felt that there are many more important issues facing the world.

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Dates in the ghetto 

Art Nikki or Kartelo of the Kimonyoski gang aka Mbogi ya Kimonyoski, has been trending on social media with his hilarious posts. As a young man living in the ghetto, Kartelo has offered insight into the ghetto life, packaging it in a rib-cracking manner. Recently, he released two video clips of him dating a ghetto girl and another reading the will of his friend Nyamba Unuse.

Dating is never a fair game, but Kartelo has simplified it and ends up threatening the girl that if she does not get “into his box” she will have to pay him.

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