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How to make your old braids look new

Vanessa Waithira

Many women hate braids as much as they love them, simply because of the tedious process. The pain and patience that is required for braiding as well as undoing the plaits is something not everyone is endowed with.

So, for many, when they finally braid, they like to keep them on for a little longer than neatness will allow for, just so it was all worth it, as sometimes this do can also be costly, depending on the style and salon.

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t go around looking untidy. There are a few things you can do to make your old braids look new. Try any of the below tricks when you’re uninspired to undo your hair, lack time or if your budget doesn’t allow you to.

How to make your old braids look new.

Use hot water and gel

Braids look untidy when they start fraying.

To avoid this problem, simply trim those stray hairs that keep standing out, then place your braids in hot water like they usually do in the salon. Make sure you have a towel to wipe your hair immediately to avoid burning. When it is dry, use styling gel and let it dry. Your braids should look fresh after.

Redo at the edges

You can go to the salon and ask them to undo a few braids at the edges and fix again. Use the same type and colour you have on to maintain a seamless look, keeping it fresh at the edges, which is not only the most affected by wear, but also the most visible.


Plait your braids in small or big locks depending on the size of curls you want, then dip them in hot water. Remember the rule when using hot water, or have someone help you, to avoid any accidents. Then, let the braids cool before undoing the locks. This should give a facelift to your worn hair.

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