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Busy Class forms band with Mbusii, Lion and Chiwawa

US based reggae singer Busy Class jetted into the country a few weeks ago and has been hard at work. Away from recording music, Busy has been promoting his brand, and at the same time has formed an all-boy band known as Mediators.

“Mediators was born one night when Mbusii, Lion, Chiwawa and I went out for some drinks and decided to hit the studio that same night. We recorded a song called Saga Yako and it did well. We then decided not to break up the pact. We’ve been recording together ever since,” he told PD Wikendi.

At the same time, Busy Class has supported the new wave topping charts in the country, saying it is the best thing to happen to the industry.

“I love what’s going on in the industry right now. The new wave is raw and originally Kenyan. No wannabes can survive it. It has given us our own sound that we have always yearned for. It’s taken over the airwaves too and surprisingly, most DJs are playing Kenyan music now. I hope no hater will stop us now moving forward. I support and we all should support ours 100 per cent. #PlayKeMusic,” he added.

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