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AMSHA MAMA gets boost as Microfinance joins for noble initiative

Kenya female  population in 2016 according  to the  world bank collection  of development  indicator  was reported  at 50.3 per cent. Most of them  earn less than 100 dollars per month, and are unable to access bank financing.
  Despite  being  organized in groups  or working  in formal employment, they lack  collateral  to enable  them borrow  money  to either  scale  up their  micro enterprises or for  personal and family  development .
Amsha Mama  through  Palsunite  Capital  Ltd, a  microfinance organization, has introduced revolutionary  low interest  loans to address  the financial  challenges  that this women  face.
“Our clientele are casual laborers  in  industrial  zones, that comprise of flower farms, fish industries, women traders in open markets  and other low income earners,” Says Joe Kariuki, Ceo candy n candy.
“Through this partnership we have opened up a wide range of opportunities to this women enterprenuers,” he added during the signing of the MOU between the two firms.
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