Folks who can’t even impersonate themselves!

Folks who can’t even impersonate themselves!

If you secretly entered a contest that awards the person who looks like you, would you win? Apparently, some people lost…

Charlie Chaplin lost in a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest!

Famous actor Charlie Chaplin once signed up for-—and lost—a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest! Yes, you read that right; someone looked more like Charlie Chaplin than Charlie Chaplin himself!  While walking around San Francisco, US, Chaplin saw the ongoing contest and, feeling he had a distinct edge over the competition, he signed up.

chaplin Though his final placing in the contest isn’t known, Chaplin didn’t make it past the preliminary stages and didn’t appear in the finals! He was so annoyed that he contemplated teaching the other entrants how to do the Chaplin walk—though if he had, no doubt someone would have told him he was doing it wrong!

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