Whatever happened to girls’ code?

Whatever happened to girls’ code?

Bridgette Achieng, socialite and vlogger was kind of an eye opener of what’s left of friendship these days. Let me put you up-to speed with her latest vlog where she responds to her so-called critics. Basically she names and shames her other counterparts and ‘friends’ on how they sleep around, their joblessness, how they survive on handouts and many other accusations. Apparently these girls have been talking about her behind her back, gossiping and looking down on her business. 

Keep in mind these girls were once friends, probably in the same ‘squad’ as they call them nowadays. Have you ever been in a situation where you are close with someone then when the fan hits the roof, they become shady with your information. Girl goes down to the archives, picks up your dirty old file and shares it with the world, Remy and Nicki style.

In my opinion, I feel like she went petty on these girls. Petty because your friends show what kind of a person you are, so you probably did the same thing also. Two you just don’t bring people down simply because it makes you feel better. 

Whatever happened to girls’ code? And we are here saying women should build and help each other up. Some go to the extent of adding more lies to your story.  Call it spicing it up. Yes, everybody has a past and the funny thing is that we all think that your ‘bestfriend’ is the secret pit. You tell them everything, without withholding any secrets. At that moment do you ever stop to think that nothing last forever and friendships do break?

When things get sour we read them for filth, and tell on them like it wasn’t told in confidential. The truth of the matter is, we choose to be in these friendships and how we control them is completely in our hands. As cliché as it gets, choose who to be buddies with because your friend can be your worst enemy literally. All because of being too trusting. I am not saying that they’re no good friends out there, but are they labeled? No.

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