Meet Ndegwa Ndegwa aka Ndegz, musician, company head at El Toro

Meet Ndegwa Ndegwa aka Ndegz, musician, company head at  El Toro

Ndegwa Ndegwa aka Ndegz is a musician and  company head at  El Toro. Faith Kyoumukama  caught up with the  star who let her in on his style

Describe your personal style

Mine is a mash-up of laid back, matured and sexy style. While I’m not bound by trends, I like to wear clothes that are up to date.

What is your all-time accessory?

Tri-colour gold bracelet. It’s timeless and even when I’m 50, I would still rock it. It is simple and serves the purpose.

Who is your celebrity style icon?

David Beckman. His style is effortless, but well-thought-out and crisp. He thinks about what he wears, knows what suits him and moves with a sure gait. He shows us what having a sense of style looks like.

Which fashion era did you love most?

My best fashion flashback has to be the 90s. It was so chilled. The side pocket pants, the big buggy tees and shirts. There was no fuss over dressing up

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What item of clothing would you pull out of your laundry to wear again?

Dark denim pants. It’s actually a must-have pair for a man. You can wear it every day if you like, provided it’s not glaring out with dirty stains.

If you could hire any fashion designer to create a wardrobe for you, who would it be and why?

Ralph Lauren. I love the preppy look although I don’t rock it a lot, but I would if he was dressing me. Can you imagine my whole wardrobe with his designs?

What is the worst fashion mistake you have ever made?

As an artiste I have made too many fashion mistakes that occurred before I had a stylist, but now I can say I am safe.

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Describe your ideal lady in terms of style.

She must know what to wear and when. She doesn’t spurge on too much make-up, and is true to herself. I would like her to accentuate her natural beauty.

What would we never catch you wearing?

A durag. Do people still wear it. It’s a fashion throwback better left it back in the 90s.

Favourite perfume label?

Paco Rabbane. Everyday, anytime.

Which most treasured item in your closet would you never want to lose?

I have this brown half-trench coat. I wouldn’t let go of it or trade it for anything.

Who is your ideal female celebrity style icon?

Rihanna. She is daring and a unique trendsetter.

Loafers or boat shoes?

Loafers.You can wear them with anything.

Fashion trends you wish would never see the light?

Long pointed snake skin shoes. Don’t do it please.

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