Kati Kati to premier at NBO Film Festival

Kati Kati to premier at NBO Film Festival

Award–winning motion picture Kati Kati is going to be the main feature film at the first edition of the NBO Film Festival on January 26 to 28 and February 3 to 5.

This film will be showing alongside other Kenyan films such as Battle of the Sacred Tree, Nairobi Half Life, From A whisper and Mad Love.

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They will be screened at the Prestige Plaza Cinemas and at The Elephant in Lavington. Screenplay categories chosen to show at the festival will be a depiction of post-independence film making.

It will tell the story of Kenya’s film progress, its social and political trajectory. On the line-up will also be great films from across the world, whose presence is not usually felt in the traditional film distribution channels.

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The festival is pledging its allegiance to the Kenya film industry. Sheba Hirst is the film festival’s director.

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