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Club owner turns women into puppies

Nigerians were greatly outraged when pictures surfaced online of a club owner hailing from the country’s capital who apparently turned ladies to be his own human puppies.

The 30-year-old Nigerian man by the name ‘Pretty Mike’ has severally surfaced in the Nigerian Media for all the wrong reasons. So, when pictures of Pretty Mike went viral showing him walking around in public holding ladies by leashes on their necks, many were not surprised.

Pretty Mike made his way to attend a wedding with the girls who were on leashes dressed in pink dresses, black masks and not forgetting the dog chains around their neck.

The policemen who were present at the venue of the wedding did nothing but stare at Pretty Mike with the leashed-ladies.

Nigerians went on social media to express their fury on seeing the pictures as Pretty Mike’s actions are demeaning to women and girls.

These are what a few Nigerians had to say online about the issue:

Nanny-4 mama: Why do we always justify foolishness?

ify2930: Can’t believe this! Che

bisialimi said: This is not new. Most of you in Nigeria are illiterates and not exposed to the world. The 30% that actually learn the globe from me will know that leashed chics is a STYLE so old abroad!

ernestdecee :Those girls are not forced to do it ….the looks cool with it …I can only blame the girls not the guy.

edithosakwe: Mental cases at alert Mr hotel caretaker.

ngoziobiosa: Don’t understand why everyone is attacking this guy, these girls are not his slave, they are working for their money and they are adults, why are Nigerians making a big deal out of it.

Late last year following criticism on his first public appearance with the leashed-girl this was Pretty-Mikes response: No matter how polished your shoes are or how well ironed your clothes are, people will always judge you. For when your clothes are torn, they will laugh in disgust, but when you appear better and more good looking, their eyes stare with accusations wondering what unholy gains u have made to afford the happy life you live.

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