Innovative motor designs to drive one crazy

Innovative motor designs to drive one crazy

Chair that got man jailed

A 61-year-old man thinking drunk-driving laws only applied on cars, was arrested for driving his motorised chair while under the influence of alcohol. The chair was fitted with a stereo, headlights and had the ability to travel up to 20mph. Inventive Dennis Anderson combined a powerful lawnmower with a cushy recliner to build this bizarre vehicle. He also stuck a ‘Hell Yeah It’s Fast’ sticker on the motorised chair! It may have passed off as a normal chair, but this didn’t exempt him from facing the law. chairarrested

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walkingbicycleWalking bicycle

This bike uses a series of shoes attached to sturdy spokes to simulate walking without ever putting your feet on the ground. This clever creation also appeared at a Tour de Fat bike festival in San Francisco in 2008.


Driving toilet

The words ‘driving’ and ‘toilet’ placed in close proximity will no longer exclusively imply diarrhoea, all thanks to this Florida inventor. He decided to do a hybrid of a go-kart and a toilet! drivingtoilet

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Cruising on couch

Have you ever wanted to achieve a faster state of laziness, but the couch you currently have just doesn’t cut it anymore? What you need is a motorised couch! This crazed driver was spotted on the streets of Minnesota, ccouchseemingly having all the fun before cops arrested him for “dangerously driving an unlicensed vehicle.”

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