Sad paradoz

Sad paradoz

Saturday was particularly a sad day. Kenyans woke up to disheartening news that Campus students lost their lives while travelling for an all-white party in Kisii. News spilled all over social media with peeps coming up with all sorts of distortions to seem like they were the ones with the scoop of the story.

Comrades tossed all respect to the gutter. The loss of  fellow comrades seemingly spurned the loss of brains among people, so bad that we wish to edit out the word ‘educated’ while describing this campo crowd.

They went on a spree, spamming Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms with gory images of the bodies of the departed. Facebook groups,  KU Comrades Forum for instance, were converted from platforms of sane engagements,  to a spooky place with gory images of the fallen. It was as if everyone felt obligated to upload pictures of lifeless bodies helplessly lying in a mangled wreckage not minding how unethical it was.

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While the lot was on a ghostly rage,  things accelerated  horribly  when the once reputable campus leaders, expected to hold uphold dignity plunged to lows below anything else and joined the bandwagon. They were expected  to  stand for what is right and ask the comrades to be mindful of the departed and their loved ones. Instead, they became the epitome of insanity and disdainfully continued  splashing the gruesome images of the carnage.

Behind that backdrop, is an absolute theatre of the absurd which gives credence to the fact that campus peeps need to revisit communication classes and learn how to disseminate information.

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Every Tom, Dick and Harry had their own version of the story. Each told the sad tale with enthusiasm not minding the deceased’s kin. These sadistic kids would chatter balderdash, each inventing their own version of events.

Certificate in disaster management students had turned to qualified homicide detectives, overqualified pathologists and accomplished crime scene detectives.

A person who slept in Harambee Hostel all night feeding his blood to bedbugs and woke up to the news, now knows the speed at which the vehicle was being driven, the velocity with which it hit the oncoming car and the time it took before medics arrived. It was an absolute circus.

Campus guys, you let yourselves down,  big time.

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