Openness and vulnerability begets deep intimacy

Openness and vulnerability begets deep intimacy

With Joseph Hellon

Many people falsely think that material benefits are what it takes to develop a good relationship. Whereas it is important to have a comfortable life, and whereas it goes a long way to be in a relationship where there is financial security, finances and material possessions in themselves don’t create happiness and fulfillment in relationships.

Quest for intimacy is the number one reason people desire to be in relationships. Intimacy doesn’t come as a result of financial status, even though it could be enhanced by one’s ability to afford certain amenities in life.

Many people are afraid of disclosing personal experiences. They think that this kind of information makes them vulnerable and weak. They hide their problems thinking that a mask of strength would give them the security they desire to fortify their relationships.

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The truth is the exact opposite. When one opens up and shares their deep feelings, they not only draw their loved one closer, but their sharing builds a deep sense of intimacy. No genuine intimacy can ever be attained without openness and vulnerability.

The vulnerable nature of babies makes them irresistible. They are never shy when it comes to their needs and feelings. They cry openly and protest openly. Their honesty in sharing of their hearts makes them not only wonderful to love, but also powerful. Power is the ability to cause change. Babies can cause changes easily. They can soften the hardest of all hearts. Their nature is the best example of manifest intimacy.

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Trust begets trust. An open person mirrors openness in their partner. These attributes make people secure enough to come out of their shell. The result is instant intimacy. Many men wonder why after giving their wives every material thing they ever dreamed of, they still feel like something is missing.

The missing link is intimacy. It comes through sharing of hearts. The more you share yourself, the greater and deeper your intimacy levels will rise.

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