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State urged to embrace PPPs for housing projects

Mutwiri Muriithi @mutwirimuriithi

The government has been urged to embrace Pubic Private Partnerships (PPP’s) while developing housing projects to address shortage of affordable houses.

This emerged during a technical training organised by Pan African housing development financier, Shelter Afrique for property developes.

Shelter Afrique chief executive Andrew Chimphondah said the housing situation in Africa is reaching a tipping point and that both the private and public sector players need to work together to realise any tangible gains in achieving the dream of affordable housing across the continent.

“This is what has informed our strategy which promotes PPPs as a way to address the housing deficit in Africa. However, we must also note that currently there is a dire lack of capacity to deliver large-scale development,” he said.

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The Centre of Excellence initiative will house, promote research activities and be the point of contact for training, advocacy and capacity development in housing and the built environment in Africa.

“The vision of the Centre of Excellence initiative is to be a one-stop platform for research, development, capacity building, training and advisory to support affordable housing delivery and urban development in Africa,” he added.

“For those of us concerned with delivering on the promises of affordable housing, the task to improve our skill sets, to deepen our capacity could not be more immediate; this is why this Centre of Excellence is not only necessary but it is timely,” said Housing Secretary Patrick Bucha.

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