1,500 cops unable to work, audit reveals

Zadock Angira

About 1,500 police officers are ill and incapable of performing their duties, according to the recently concluded biometric registration of police officers.

Investigations reveal that details about the illnesses of most of the officers had not been brought to the attention of the police headquarters for action and support.

As a result, some of them will be removed from the service after the ongoing audit, on recommendation of the medical board.

The figure, according to sources, could be higher, and the police headquarters has now directed police commanders to submit the list of sick officers, clearly indicating the nature of their illness and how the injuries were sustained and whether the accident occurred in the actual discharge of duty and through no fault of the officer.

Last report

National Police Service Commission (NPSC) chair Eliud Kinuthia yesterday said according to their last report, there were 800 Kenya Police Service officers and another 300 from their Administration Police counterparts who were incapacitated.

Kinuthia however said the commission was not in a position to give the latest figures. “It is only the medical board that has the capacity to tell who is sick or has been incapacitated,” he said.

He said the details were needed because not all illnesses warrant a termination on the ground of physical incapacity.

Though the service cannot discriminate against an officer on grounds of sickness, pregnancy or mental status, it can terminate the contract of service on the ground of physical incapacity.

“All the officers joined the service when they were medically fit. We will support them bearing in mind that the nature of their job requires physical fitness,” he said.

Kinuthia, however, said some of the sick or incapacitated officers may be useful elsewhere in the public service, and could be transferred.

Officers transferred

“After consultation with other relevant agencies, the officers may be transferred elsewhere within the public service where their services may be needed,” he said.

Before removal, officers must be subjected to a specific medical examination aimed at establishing their ability to resume work in the foreseeable future.

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