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The journey

How did you settle on the venue for your wedding?

Mark: Well, our love story began at Harvest Family Church as that is where we first met, and it was obvious that’s where we’d have our wedding – ceremony and reception.

What’s your love story?

We had been friends since 2014 and at the time, we were both in campus, and opted to start dating after we were both done with our studies. We then dated for two and a half years before I popped the question.

How long did it take you to plan the wedding and how did you do it?

We did everything in three months! With a lot of help from our spiritual parents, our pastor, church, family and friends we brought the wedding home in three months.

You had an interesting choice of detail for the outfits. What informed your theme?

We went for a traditional African feel. This is something we had agreed on way before we started planning our wedding, as everyone resonates with this theme. The groomsmen outfits were white with an African touch, to make it simple yet visually stunning.

Cess: I have always loved burgundy; it’s a colour that depicts class. My maids were in burgundy and nude doll shoes to ensure they were comfortable.

How did you settle on the number of guests and bridal team?

Mark: We chose based on several pillars in our lives; family, church and close friends who have stood with us since the beginning of our journey.

Cess: We had about 400 guests as per our estimation. I come from a big family and we are from a church that really supports young couples, so, we had to come up with a safe number that wouldn’t be an underestimate or an overestimate. This is why we had our wedding on a Friday.

Why would you say your wedding was successful?

Even after it ended, people stayed behind, reluctant to leave. The whole affair was without any hitches, with all our guests having enjoyed themselves to the maximum. To date, we still get people coming to us just to tell us how much fun they had.

What stood out in your wedding?

I totally loved the traditional African décor. Shekaina Events did a great job!

Mark: The décor. I loved how the place looked so beautiful and the ambience it created for the event.

What was most memorable about your big day?

Cess: Hmm… That would be the moment we had our spiritual parents pray over us, over the journey that lies ahead. I know those prayers will go a long way.

Mark: When I saw my wife for the first time in her gown was a real moment for me! I hadn’t seen her before in it. I was really awestruck.

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