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Styling a topcoat for work

Despite the fact that most companies have loosened up their dress code policy, there are still certain style rules that one must adhere to. After all, your office is a place of business, so it’s vital that your clothes convey what you wish them to in an environment such as this.

Also, the official verdict is that your clothes speak volumes of your competency, level of financial success, authority, trustworthiness, intelligence, and suitability for hire or promotion. Therefore, as your clothes speak before you have the chance to, you want to make sure they say all the right things.

Given that the cold season will soon be here with us, it’s paramount that you arm yourself with a stylish topcoat that is both sleek and office-friendly. A strong appearance matters, so make sure your presence is felt.


One wants to look impeccable, however, they also wish not to freeze on their way to work. There are two solutions to this problem, and you can choose the one that suits your style persona and line of work, and if you have the liberty and inclination – choose both. The first is a warm and trendy parka, which will help you weather even the harshest ‘storm’.

It may look a tad chunky, especially with the hoodie, but given its current fashion appeal, you should be able to pull it off. On those days that are a bit kinder, a finely tailored topcoat, whether grey, checked or suede, will make you look sharp, well put-together and, honestly, handsome. These are the two absolute must-haves.


A pair of sleek boots paired with a nice oxford shirt, dark trousers and completed with a sharp topcoat will give you a professional look. The brogue boot is a fine choice as brown is fairly neutral, they are classy, polished and the soles are ready to take on whatever the weather throws at you.


Young professionals carry a great deal on their plate, and it’s not uncommon that they take work home. As one, you need a stylish, durable bag to go with your topcoat – and pretty much everything stylish you’ll wear that day. Given that briefcases have long become passé, your finest companion is to be found in a great leather backpack.

Backpacks aren’t usually considered professional, but when you add sleeker, sturdy design and the leather element, you’re playing in an entirely new field. It will match both your topcoat and your blazer perfectly, exude professionalism, and you’ll be able to make the transition from work to play easily, as the look won’t be overly formal.


It’s no secret that good knitwear is one of your biggest allies when styling with topcoats. Cardigans are a little out, so narrow your options to the returning trendy preppy-looking crew sweaters and dapper turtlenecks. With the right shirt, you will look polished.

There’s also the mockneck sweater and the V-neck sweater, which will show off your shirt. On warmer days, you’ll be able to get away with the sweater alone, but on the chillier ones, don’t underestimate the warming and style power of a well-chosen shirt.


Scarves, gloves and hats will be needed, as they go perfectly with a topcoat. You can even step up your game for the important days by suiting up. Leather gloves are a good option, make sure they match your topcoat and your shoes – never break this rule. The scarf should be dark, preferably single-colour. Black, chocolate brown, and even camel will work, as all these colours look equally luxurious.  -IGEE OKAFOR

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