Governor wants graft suspects prosecuted

The war against corruption will only bear fruit if the big fish are arrested and charged in court, Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has said.

Addressing residents of Machakos yesterday, Mutua urged President Uhuru Kenyatta not to yield to blackmail from corrupt leaders, who claimed their tribes were being targeted in the graft war, yet they stole as individuals and not on their community’s behalf.

Mutua added that perpetrators of corruption should be left to carry their own cross as the beneficiaries were their wives and children.

Lifestyle audits

“President Uhuru means well for this country but he is being set up for failure by some greedy people who think they own and can control Kenya,” he said.

He urged the President to ensure lifestyle audits of top governmental officials continue as the exercise had slowed down since it started couple of months ago.

The Maendelop Chap Chap party leader said majority of Kenyans were fully behind the President’s anti-corruption crusade.

Mutua said Uhuru’s speech stressed on unity, adding that if we want to move forward, we must pull together.

“But even as we unite, people are tired of being broke. Kenyans need money in their pockets,” Mutua said hailing the macro economic programmes that the President enumerated.

“The gap between the rich has to be narrowed but this cannot happen when the corrupt use their tribes, religion and attacks on investigative organs to stall the war on corruption, ” he added.

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