Hire more nursery teachers, Sonko told

Benard Gitau @benagitau

Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) teachers in Nairobi county have raised the red flag over  the low number of teachers and poor facilities.

Trained Early Teachers Association (TETA) chairman Lawrence Otunga told journalists yesterday  the last ECDE teacher to be employed in Nairobi was in 1999 under the defunct city council.

“Around 430 teachers were employed then and currently most of them have retired while some have passed on leaving a huge deficit,” Otunga said.

Currently, the county has more than 13,000 pupils in 205 public ECDE centres. Last year, Governor Mike Sonko introduced free ECDE programme where Otunga claims this has led to the ECDE Centres being overcrowded.

“This is a big milestone in education as people of Nairobi that will have a positive impact for years to come. I am glad to say that I have fulfilled one of my key election pledges, to improve the quality of education in the city, and make it accessible for all children,” Sonko said.  Though it is a milestone, Otunga said volunteers have been left to take care of the children.

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