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Meet Priscilla Carey, the talent behind Glam_with_Carey

Priscilla Carey, the talent behind Glam_with_Carey, has been shaking up the beauty world since last year. The Nairobi-based artist changed her career from an accountant to a professional make-up artist

Milliam Murigi @millymur1

If you don’t already know Priscilla Carey by name, you undoubtedly know her work. Not only does she create some of the most innovative and colourful looks seen on glossy magazines but she is also at the centre of the beauty scenes in some of the mainstream media.

What’s remarkable is the young make-up artist is self-taught.

Carey’s passion for makeup started off in high school, but since she is a n Akorino, a religion that discourages use of makeup, her dream was short-lived.

Make-up tutorials

After high school, she enrolled for an accountant course. After passing the CPA 1 exam in 2015 she secured a job with Ariquest Real Estate as an accountant at just 19. Two years later, she secured another well-paying job with Brake House Performance, a car bazaar. Even with a hefty salary, she couldn’t hide her interest in joining the beauty industry. 

“During my free time, I would watch make-up tutorials. This is how the urge for joining the industry kept growing. I also used to buy products for training, using my face as the canvas,” she adds.

Carey handed in her resignation early 2018 to start her own business. As the news spread, she got mixed reactions that ran the full spectrum from “Are you crazy,” “You will regret your decision,” to “You are such an inspiration!”

At first, the conflict between her personal values as Mukurinu and those of the beauty industry made her physically ill. She decided to solve the cause of the problem rather than treat the symptoms.

Ready to start

“I remember I fasted for about two weeks to pray for my new venture. After that, with my small savings, I bought what I needed and I was ready to start”.

To perfect her skills she continued to watch tutorial videos and started looking for a mentor. She settled on Rose Ntong’ondu, the renowned proprietor of Makeup by Rose. She then started marketing her services using social media.

“I started my business with Sh15,000 only. Since this was not enough to buy a full makeup kit, I started with a few brushes and foundation pallet. I used to hire the rest from my friends any time I had a client,” she says, adding that she also had to hire space since she didn’t have her own studio.

Currently, she operates from a studio known as Buz Studio at View Park Towers, Muthaiga. She has also managed to buy all the equipment required for the business.

Carey has been contracted to glam judges at the KCB Lion’s Den as the deputy makeup artist. She also works on news anchors at Slope Media, Royal Media services as well as on renowned celebrities.

“I am also a stylist and an actor, and I must confess that fashion is an inborn talent. For makeup, I can attend to anyone and I offer services for different categories. You only need to book an appointment and I will be at your service,” she says.

But why did she decide to venture into this already flooded industry? She says even though there are so many makeup artists, you have to set yourself apart from the pack. Try to do something unique. You can’t try to be someone else. You have got to do makeup that you absolutely love and put what inspires you into your work. It will be brilliant because it’s 100 per cent you.

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