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Ten things that make women look older

Naturally, women are presumed to be subconsciously aware of their body looks and their urge to always look young. However, there are circumstances that betray their appearances by making them appear older than their age, writes Wambui Virginia

1. Matching accessories

Most women don’t know this, but buying a complete set of jewellery doesn’t mean that you should wear all of them at once. If you wear the same necklace, earrings and a matching headpiece, trust me, you will look like you want to turn back the clock.

2. Stress

Women have to deal with and go through a lot of situations in life and sometimes they can be a bit stressful. Coping with stress can actually help big time. You won’t have a dull face or wrinkles because of the latter.

3. Excess weight gain

To keep fit, you should exercise regularly. But sometimes excess weight gain makes women look older as it sometimes may cause the skin to sag and be chubby in the wrong places, which is outright off-putting.

4. Poverty

In many instances where the going gets tough and it directly affects the woman, they probably will won’t look their age. Poverty and hard life robs people of basic human luxuries like eating right or even right clothing.

5. Turtlenecks

I bet most of you had no idea, but yes, turtlenecks make you look way too old for your age. Be it hot or cold you will still wear that one turtleneck for days. Turtlenecks create an impression that there is something you are hiding beneath that extra neck cloth.

6. Bad make-up

The list here can be endless. Make-up is an art and every woman has a personal preference. However, some make-up techniques tend to make you look older. Like wearing too much eyeliner both on top and bottom of the eye, lining your lips with a liner that doesn’t match your lipstick, if you have thin eyebrows and also wearing glittery eye shadow.

7. Wearing sneakers with everything

If you get to a point where you attend functions and meetings and all the time you are in sneakers or trainers, then age could be catching up with you steadily and fast. Wearing sneakers with formal clothing is a no and you might just add a decade to your years when you commit that fashion sin.

8. Wearing small or baggy outfits

If you wear either small or baggy clothes, you will definitely look older as opposed to when you are in fitting outfits, which make you look confident and even younger for your age. The denim jeans with elastic waist are a fashion felony and make you look way too older than the actual you.

9. Minding people’s business

You could be eating all the right nutrients, taking care of your skin by drinking a lot of water and working out, but still your face isn’t glowing. One thing you should ask yourself is, are you minding your business? Just leave other people’s businesses alone.

10. Wearing matching colours

We’ve all been through this, especially with the Ankara tread. If you find yourself wearing a dress with a matching clutch, earrings, headgear and shoes, then you are out of date and worse still, you might look like that great granny from the countryside. Yes.

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