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Reawakening the obsolete computer

Sandra Wekesa @AndayiSandra

Might you have some obsolete computer or telephony equipment you stopped using a while ago or an old phone your children currently use as a toy?

Are you probably getting worried about the ever-accumulating pile of dead remotes, batteries and endless list of electricity-powered gadgets?

Then the Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment Centre (WEEE) in Mihang’o has come to the rescue. The organisation recycles waste using modern technology.

Seth Munyambu, the operations manager of WEEE, says that they receive about 20-25 tonnes of e-waste per month, which they locally recycle and dispose off to Europe parts that cannot be processed further.

Art pieces

“We have the capacity to process 75 tonnes of e-waste per month but we only receive about 20-25 tonnes,” he says.

One of the recycling processes is coming up with beautiful pieces of art from parts of a computer, including the motherboard and chips, thus saving the environment from pollution. Seth says that they dismantle the electronics and remove the motherboards, create the art pieces, which are later stuck on glass.

The art can be in any other shape, so they would rather gather all motherboard pieces first and later on, decide on what they want to create. In this way, Munyambu strongly believes that computers becomes environment-friendly.

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