Evangelists call on government to regulate churches

Evangelical church leaders have urged the government to scrutinise churches before registering them. Evangelical Alliance of Kenya (EAK) chairman Mark Kariuki said there has been a moratorium on registration of churches since 2014.

According to him, the situation is not only untenable but also acts as a loophole that many exploit to run religious organisations without proper registration.

“When these ad hoc groups demonstrate irresponsibility and all religious groups are blamed, we end up being embarrassed on their behalf,” he said.

He said several meetings had been held with former Attorney General to highlight regulations that would be acceptable to the religious fraternity and that would help them regulate themselves.

However, after developing a Religious Freedom Bill and submitting it to the AG, there was no feedback on the matter.

“We developed a Religious Freedom Bill and submitted it to the office of the Attorney General in 2017. Although we have had several meetings with the Attorney General, we are yet to receive feedback,” said Kariuki.

He added that EAK is supporting the ongoing war on corruption, sentiments echoed by Bishop Nicholas Muli who said the war is crucial in addressing moral decay that is affecting economic growth.

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