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Posa ya Bolingo hit maker Alicios Theluji

Posa ya Bolingo hit maker Alicios Theluji had a heart-to-heart with Cynthia Mukanzi before her performance at the Festival of Love. She talks of her return to music and finding healing

It’s good to see you Alicios. What have you been up to lately?

I have just released a new song and video called Nitadata. I’m not working on an album yet, but I will be releasing more singles and working on collaborations with some artistes, but I want to keep it on the down low until the day comes.

Your absence from the airwaves was noticeable, why did it take you a year to release Nitadata?

I have been going through a lot and this affected how I create music. I couldn’t write songs and so it took me long to work on my latest song. I didn’t write Nitadata because I was not in the mental space to do so. My creativity was hampered, but the release of this song is testament of how far I have come.

So, you did not write Nitadata?

No. This difficult period was also transformational for me. I never used to sing songs written by others, but I did it this time as I worked on getting back on my feet. This experience has opened ways for me to learn, to love and know myself better. I have grown a lot. I really hope things work out and you get to a better place. I’m already at a good place right now compared to where I was a few months back.

I think you can never be truly happy until you go through something difficult and you come out shining. The process that you go through to get to the silver lining is what helps to build your resilience and when you get to the other side, you learn to be happy and to never take things for granted. Inability to get creative and do what you love must make you look at life differently and appreciate the little things around you.

It definitely makes you value life. I have learnt to get up and come out of a situation and still move on. To get to a better place, I had to pick myself up and work on it. You have to love yourself enough to want to go on.

Human beings can experience so much pain and I think it’s okay to break down. It could be related to romantic relationships or the loss of a loved one. Give yourself time to grieve, but always remember to take care of yourself. It’s easy to forget or not give it much thought, but you should not punish yourself further.

Did you have a support system through it all?

Absolutely. My family kept me close and went through everything with me. I shouldn’t give all credit to myself. This would have probably broken all of us if we weren’t together in it.

Do you feel that celebrities are held to toxic expectations and are always forced to pretend all is perfect?

Definitely, and that is why a lot of people become depressed. But, sometimes celebrities set certain trends that fan the idea that they are perfect and when that happens, you lose yourself. I do not live my life in pretence, neither do I try to portray an image that isn’t me.

How has being a mother played out in all of this?

First of all, it has helped me look at the brighter side of things and know that I have someone looking up to me. Being a single mother is not easy, but through my child, God has given me so much to look forward to and work hard for. I like to inspire other people and celebrate all the women out here raising children on their own.

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