Tuskys staff goes missing

An employee of Tuskys Supermarkets has been reported missing in Mombasa. Dickson Toi Mudibo, a father of three who works at the supermarket’s Digo branch left home at around 6.30am on Monday but did not report to work. Police said his mobile phone signal was last traced to Msabaha area of Malindi in Kilifi county.

Reports indicate Toi had sent a short message to his supervisor saying he was held up in traffic and would be late to work.

According to his brother Daniel Mudibo, Toi was last seen on Monday at Mtopanga estate when he left for work. Coast regional police boss  Marcus Ochola said police have already circulated the information to all police stations in the region.

Mudibo said that he was notified of his brother’s disappearance by his wife. “I learnt of his disappearance after he failed to report to work, his workmates called his wife asking if the husband was okey since he had not arrived at work,” he said.

The family spent better part of yesterday in Msabaha area and Malindi town trying to locate him. “We have visited all morgues within Mombasa and hospitals but we are yet to find him,” he added.

Coast regional police Commander Marcus Ochola said that police have already circulated the information of the missing person report of in all police stations in the region.

“The matter was reported at Kiembeni police station and as police officers we are doing all we can to find this young man and bring him back home to his family safely,” he said. Incidences of people going missing have been on the rise in the last one year.

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