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In the battle to beat rivals, it pays to retain talent

Francis Muli

It is no secret that organisations lose their best employees to their rivals,  and this practice will end as talent is always sought after.

Organisations put in a lot of time, money and resources to develop talent and it is such a blow to see them leave,  especially to competitors.

Some of entities start crumpling since they depend on their best staff for survival. The mistake these companies make is investing on developing talent,  but forget on putting efforts to retain what they have developed.

In a bid to attain this,  companies need to observe the following:

– Make them feel at home

It may sound a cliché, but most times it is true that East or West home is the best. If a worker feels at home in your organisation,  she will feel difficult to leave, however, good the deal might seem.  Even if they leave,  they will always come back. This can be achieved by treating them well,  remunerating them fairly and listening to them.  Some companies go to an extent of giving them shares.


Being a talented worker means that they make the right decisions at the right time,  so why not give them the chance? In most cases, these are the people who interact with most customers and clients,  so they understand them better.

The power to make decisions doesn’t have to be absolute. It can be by asking them what change they want to see,  and then implement it if viable. This would also mean that you give them some freedom.  Workers hate a suffocating workplace.

– Rewards

In football ,most players leave their clubs for others where they feel they will win a certain award.  The same happens in the workplace.  Always recognise the efforts of your talented staff, by offering a periodic reward for achievers.

Change it regularly to avoid monotony,  or maybe make it a surprise gift.  A worker’s morale dies when their effort and achievements are not recognised or rewarded and they are likely to leave for a better place where they feel that their efforts will be appreciated.


Most workers would leave when they feel that less talented people are being promoted while they stagnate in one position. By promoting them you give them a chance to develop new talent that could have gone to waste in case they remained in one position. Sometimes promotion creates space for a new talent.

-Keep in touch

It helps understand what they think and feel about the company,  and test their loyalty.  It will also help understand when they want to leave and why,  and try and talk to them to change their minds. Breakdown of communication could lead to breakdown of a good relationship, which would see the workers leave.

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