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Meet smart strategist – Elaine Mosiara Moturi

Abrief introduction of yourself?

My name is Elaine Mosiara Moturi, nicknamed Gina. I am 10 years old and in Class Five at Makini School.

When did you begin playing chess?

In Class One when I joined Makini School and watched other pupils playing. Coaches Moses and Steve also believed in me and really inspired me to start playing.

How many awards have you won so far?

I think I’ve won 10 medals and 17 trophies. They really get me excited and motivated.

Elaine Mosiara Moturi.

Congratulations. What’s your secret?

I constantly participate in tournaments, and continually learn from my mistakes.

Where do you practise?

Mostly in school and at home with my dad and sister or on the computer, and this makes me better by the day.

Your parents must be proud of you

They are my number one fans and support me a lot. They pay for all my tournaments and continually encourage me to be the best.

How do you balance school and playing chess?

I just do the right thing at the right time. School time is school time and chess time is just that.

What would you like to be when you grow up?

I would like to be a doctor and an artist as well.

What are your favourite subjects?

Science, because I find it real. A lot of experiments and learning why things behave or happen as they do.

Advice to other kids?

The bible tells us in Matthew 25:14-30 to use our talents well to bring God glory and honour.

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