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Rodney Afande (Dj Nruff), deejay and author of comic book, Adventures of NruffBiggest

Rodney Afande (Dj Nruff), deejay and author of comic book, Adventures of NruffBiggest misconception people have about you?

That deejays are all about having fun and we are not serious in life. I’m a university graduate with a degree in Political Science and I am also a businessman. So there is more to it than just playing music and having fun.

Best thing about being a deejay?

You get to travel a lot and meet new people from across the world.

Best gadget that you currently own and cannot live without?

My phone. I’ve personalised with so many functions such as alarm, calendar, social media apps and clock, which keep me going. Sometimes I automate posts so that even when I’m not near it, it will post stuff.

Best and worst place you ever had a gig?

Las Vegas must have been the best experience back in 2009.  Doing road shows would be the worst.

Lowest amount of money you have ever been paid at any performance?

Lowest would be Sh3,000 at a certain gig in Kisumu. The event was not well hyped and it was poorly planned. I ended up getting such an amount after signing a deal of Sh30,000.  Highest amount, I will not mention for my safety and privacy.

Best place you have ever visited?

Las Vegas. The clubs, women and party life is on another level.

Best advice you would give someone in their 20s?

Do what makes you happy. Never do anything to impress others, but yourself. Self-actualisation is important as it keeps you grounded. Have fun, work hard and most importantly, pray.

Lowest moment in your life?

When I lost my parents at a tender age.

Biggest addiction?

Listening to music.

Your worst gadget ever and why?

Motorola V66 phone. The antenna used to unscrew itself sometimes so the network was shifting.

Worst advice you ever received?

You will never succeed in life without a degree; basically what it meant was that you can only achieve success through education.

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