Waiguru dares EACC to release NYS report

George Kebaso @Morarak

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru once again raised the red flag  over the 2014 National Youth Service (NYS) multimillion-shilling scandal by questioning why the Ethics and Anti- Corruption Commission (EACC) has been quiet over the investigations.

The governor, who in six letters to the anti-graft agency, has asked the EACC to expedite the Sh791 million NYS I probe and clear her name, yesterday sensationally claimed that some powerful and shadowy personalities were blocking release of the investigations findings.  She was speaking on Kameme FM radio breakfast show.

In a letter dated February 14, which was her sixth, Waiguru, through lawyer Mansur Issa, poses telling questions that point to her desperation to clear her name in the scam and even appears to suggest that the powerful beneficiaries of the cash looted from NYS had used Josephine Kabura as a pawn to bring her down.

To up the pressure and express her frustration with EACC, the governor through a Twitter post yesterday wrote: “My 6th letter to EACC and the 2nd to the ODPP (Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions) requesting them to make public the findings of the Kabura affidavit, three years have lapsed”.

“Who was behind Kabura lies; Who wrote the affidavit; who distributed it; and why? To whom did the Kabura money actually go? Any action being taken?” Waiguru asked.

She termed Kabura’s sworn affidavit full of lies questioning the delay by EACC to release its investigation findings three years since the case was mentioned.

Waiguru said there has been no progress on the matter and Kenyans are still in the dark about why Kabura lied and on whose instructions she undertook to be dishonest.

In her letter, the former powerful Devolution Cabinet secretary queries delayed release of the probe report and wants it made public immediately, saying the delay in closing the matter had caused her irreparable damage.

Speaking on yesterday’s radio show, the governor claimed shadowy powerful personalities were behind the Kabura affidavit. She accused them of making sure that the findings of the commission’s investigations on the affidavit are not made public.

“I submitted my 6th letter to EACC chief executive  Twalib Mbarak, requesting yet again, that he makes public the investigations into the affidavit sworn by Kabura,” she said in statement that was later released to the newrooms.

Waiguru said the public has a right to know why no charges have been brought against Kabura and her accomplices to date, “despite the fact that her actions of lying under oath constitute a crime under the penal code Section 114.”

“This is despite the overwhelming finding of the same being availed by EACC, and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI),” she said. In the fight against corruption, the rule of law must be applied without fear or favour, she added.

She demanded that the impunity demonstrated by Kabura and her accomplices’ blatant lies and delay in making public the findings about where the money she purported to carry went, must be addressed so that Kenyans can know the truth about the whole matter and bring it to closure.

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