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Meet Kenneth Matoka founder and CEO of K-Kleep Production

At 26, Kenneth Matoka has become one of the most sought-after videographers in 254. The young founder and CEO of K-Kleep Production shares his story with Elly Gitau

How did you grow your interest for video and photography?

There are precious moments in life that need to be captured forever because they hold memories that are dear to humanity. I grew an interest in video and photography to help people keep the memories they cherish due to the joy it brought to their lives and giving them a chance to relive their achievements in life over and over again.

What inspired you towards this direction?

Photography brings to life things that can only be imagined and that can take place only once in a lifetime. Bringing such to life is a revelation and inspiration to me and serves as an educative means to things that can only be viewed through photographs and videos.

Did your family support your ambitions?

My family has been my pillar of strength all through my life in media. My parents have been the advisers and my siblings have always offered me moral support whenever needed. Where do you draw your inspiration? My inspiration is drawn from award-winning photographers such as Karl Lagerfeld and Will Burrard-Lucas — who recently captured a rare footage of melanistic leopard known as black panther in Kenya.

How inspiring is it to have your company K-Kleep Production as one of the most sought-after production houses in Kenya today?

It really inspires me a lot and gives me the courage to do more. The process of getting it where it is now was tasking and needed a lot of keenness and perseverance. At some point, the requirements were far-fetched, which called for extra input in terms of energy and resources. But good thing is, I didn’t give up.

What was your first professional shoot and how was the experience?

It was a video shoot for Malindi Seventh Day Adventist Church Choir. The feeling was breathtaking because of the scenery and it required a lot of professionalism because it was my ultimate opportunity to announce my presence in the field. There were also long hours of work that was put into it to ensure perfection was achieved. I will say it was quite an experience.

Are you settled on specific themes?

Currently, we major on video shoots and photography. Processes are underway to venture into movie and scripted shooting. We understand that venturing into movie making would be tasking, but we are ready for the challenge.

How is it like working for celebrities?

The experience is a bit challenging, but exciting at the same time. My entry into this field gave me a chance to brush shoulders with a lot of people, some coming in with a lot of positive influence on my career. It’s also challenging to some extent because extra energy has to be put in place to ensure business comes through.

How do you leverage on the advance of technology to better your work?

Technological advancements occur almost on a daily basis. For us to keep up with the changes, we ensure we are conscious of the slightest advancement and changes in equipment such as cameras and lenses. We also do a lot of marketing on social media and running an up-to-date website just to make sure we are easily reachable.

Which category of clientele is the hardest to deal with?

The high-end type of clients are almost always a hard nut to crack. The key to dealing with such is maintaining high-levels of professionalism and needlepoint accuracy, acting with speed and patience.

What are the main challenges working in this industry?

The challenges are numerous, but we have ways of working around them. Time management is a critical factor for our work. Some clients do not understand the importance of this critical aspect. Sometimes acquiring the appropriate venues for shoots can be elusive and expensive. At some point, one has to endure long working hours to achieve the desired quality of work.

Has the government processes been positively impactful?

Government licensing, especially, has relatively improved since the introduction of e-Citizen. A lot of applications and registrations can now be done online and modes of payment are now relatively convenient, as compared to the situation some years back.

Where do you aspire to be in future?

In the near future, my desire is to see my production house undertake diverse roles in this ever-growing sector, regardless of place and time. The bigger picture is to create media and production house with international appeal.

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