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Dust and speed

So why the Buggy?

I used to race as a kid in the 1980’s, that’s when the fire was ignited. I am an avid follower of the WRC and was inspired by the likes of Collin McCrae. Although I stopped racing, I never forgot the feeling. Fast forward to today and I could afford to spoil myself a bit.

It’s called a Rage Buggy and it’s fully road-legal, with a number plate and everything, although I never drive it on the road. It comes with a 1,400 cc Hayabusa engine good for 200 bhp and a 6 speed sequential gearbox. The body panels are carbon fibre to save weight. Spec wise you can buy it and immediately enter the Dakar rally.

What do you like about it?

Its top spec, as I said it’s made for the Dakar rally so premium parts all round. If you get the launch perfect it goes like a bee out of hell. 200 horsepower in a buggy is just mad and hence the name rage buggy. It feels angry when you start it but once you get going its very fast and very planted. The suspension and tyres combine to make it both comfortable and grippy.

Any drawbacks?

Yes, it is a very expensive hobby. The buggy itself is very expensive and running it even more so. You have to factor in the cost of getting to each race with your crew and parts. The Aberdare Hill climb has already claimed my rear carbon fibre panels. Those very knobbly tyres are 30K each.

Since it is a specialist machine, you just can’t get the parts anywhere and I have to import them from the UK. Its not a cheap hobby by any means. The Buggy itself is also a bit of a handful. It’s a bit like a wild horse, its fast but you have to take some time getting used to it to be able to extract the most speed from it.

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