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Flying like a kite

Due to engagements in my line of work over the December holidays, I was unable to go on holiday. I therefore had to push my plans to vacay at the Coast into the new year.

The plan was to have some alone time but little did I know that I would experience a very nerve-wracking sport. While enjoying my stay in Diani, my friend introduced me to The Sands at Nomad where they were about to host quite a unique sport.

Not giving much thought to it, I decided to check in for the weekend. At around 9.30 am I made my way to the reception where I noticed monkeys going about their, well, monkey business. I was intrigued to see monkeys this side of the country, hitherto thinking they were only found in the central part of the country.

At the reception, I was welcomed with a glass of fresh cold orange juice that was a respite from the unrelenting coast heat.

I was given the layout of the place, ending with the restaurant and then  handed the keys to my room.Being from Nairobi and inappropriately dressed, the cooling effects of the juice wore off and I rushed off to my room for a cold shower.

The room itself was spacious and in my opinion could easily have fit one more of the King size beds that took up the centre of the room. The room was furnished with a combination of Swahili ornaments and beautiful well-crafted mahogany woodwork.

I helped myself to a cold drink from the fridge in my room as I took in the majestic view of the ocean from the balcony. I was considering a stroll to stretch my travel weary legs on the beach when I noticed in the corner of my eye that the breakfast buffet was still open.

The waiter came and took my order and since I am a fan of omelets, I settled on that and a pot of African tea to wash it down. Breakfast done away with, I was ready to go to the beach.

Your cousins being their usual cheeky selves.

The annual Kenya Kite Cup 2019 was underway and had attracted participants from different parts of the world. Judges were seated ready by the shore as the spectators eagerly waited for the event to start.

In groups of three, the ladies kicked off the competition. Men later followed suit and the waves from the ocean and the winds made the affair more enjoyable with every rider showcasing their skillfully honed stunts.

Time flies when having fun and soon enough, hunger pangs called, and I answered. We went to the restaurant and I decided to try seafood for the first time. I settled for fried prawns served with rice, French-fries, a salad, and a soft drink. The food was well prepared and the smiles from the waiters helped a great deal.

Since the beach was a hive of activity, I settled on going to the pool instead. I went to my room took my power bank and headed laze around the swimming pool. Being a poor swimmer I had to stay at the shallow end as I enviously watched some of the friends I made enjoy their dips. Swimming is something I plan on working on this year.

I still had the urge to go for the beach walk as a visit to the coast is incomplete without twiddling sand between your toes. The walk was long and rejuvenating, taking in large gulps of ocean breeze into our lungs. It also helps to build up an appetite and by the time we we came back we were famished.

We were treated to the chef’s roasted chicken served with chips. It tasted like it had been prepared by angels. The evening came to an end as we sipped our drinks as soft jazz music played in the background. It may have been belated but my time in Diani was well worth it.

The stay at the Sands at Nomad was indeed good to us. Getting There

The easiest and fastest way to get to Mombasa is to fly. There are over 10 flights daily to Mombasa from Wilson airport and JKIA. Alternatively the SGR is both comfortable and convenient, but you may be yearning for a road trip.

Whichever way you get to Mombasa, from there take the Ferry at Likoni and continue on the A14 Likoni-Ukunda road for about 35 minutes and then turn into Diani Road for a 15 minute drive to The  Sands at Nomad.

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