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Delectable Eataly’s trofie

Jazz strings play in the background as I am solicitously guided up a staircase into the upper sitting deck of Karel T Lounge at the Village Market. There are beautiful blue chaises with print pillows inviting me to sink in and take a break from life; even if it is just for an hour-long lunch break.

Beautiful long grass lends the place some green beauty, while pink chrysanthemums sit in a humongous brown pot, adding to the luxe yet earthy feel.

I sit overlooking the second floor lounge area and order a special shake while I wait for my trofie with beef fillet and broccoli pasta. The special shake is the day’s combination of two shake flavours such as pistachio and strawberry or nutella and vanilla.

I explicitly say I do not want anything with nuts because there is nothing like being too careful; we have all seen nutty wars these past two weeks and I would rather they did not extend to my well-being.

Miriam brings me the starter, the house bread, which is more cake than bread, several breadsticks and dips. It is warm from the oven and soft and sumptuous. My shake is a mix of strawberry and vanilla and is in a huge tumbler glass. Soon after, my pasta arrives and is a vision of health.

Trofie is a thin and twisted pasta, it is cooked with cherry tomatoes and broccoli and is garnished with tiny chunks of beef fillet. I add the entire cheese bowl to the pasta, a few teaspoonfuls of olive oil and some chili, and go on to enjoy the meal.

I am so full that I refuse to take dessert; at least not then and there. I pack a fruit pudding to go and enjoy a few more blasts of the jazz saxophones as I wait for a cab to ferry me to my last meeting of the day. Let us all hope I do not doze off. I cannot afford to. After all, I work so hard so I can afford to eat out and lounge in places such as this.

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