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International Condom Day pushes lovers to take charge of their sex lives

By Mutwiri Muriithi @mutwirimuriithi

International Condom Day,  the day preceding Valentine’s Day, is an informal holiday observed to promote safe sex awareness.

It is observed in conjunction with Valentine’s Day to create awareness about condom use. A condom is a fine barrier, often manufactured using latex and non-latex material, to prevent exchange of fluids between partners during sexual intercourse .

The earliest description of a condom or ‘sheath’ originated from Italian anatomist Gabriello Falloppio in 1564. In an article published two years after his death, he claimed to have invented a linen sheath meant to protect against syphilis.

Throughout the generations, the development and use of condoms have done well to prevent unwanted pregnancies and also possibility of contracting HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) by encouraging safe sex practices.

Since 2009, International Condom Day has been marked in fun and creative ways. This year’s theme, “Safer Is Sexy”, seeks to promoting condom use by demystifying myths and misconceptions around unprotected sex.

It also aims to bring out condom use as a healthy lifestyle choice and encourage both men and women to use them, especially now that  female condoms are largely available.

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