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Valentine’s connection

Love is in the air. For some, being engaged or even getting married on lover’s day is the most romantic way possible to take a relationship to the next level. We spoke to two couples who exchanged rings on this day

Harriet James @harriet86jim

Christine Wangare and Dennis Muriithi met in a matatu on their way home. The traffic was horrible and so to kill the boredom, Dennis struck a conversation with her seatmate.

At least, the long and unbearable journey became more interesting. Afterwards, they exchanged contacts and one thing led to another. They tied the knot on February 14, 2016.

“We wanted Valentine’s Day to have a special meaning to us and that’s why we did it to celebrate our love,” Christine explains.

For Christine and Dennis, marriage life has been good for the past three years and the fact that Valentine’s Day is also their anniversary makes them kill two birds with one stone.

“Everyday should be Valentine’s to you and your spouse. But on this day, you should celebrate each other more. If you can tie it with something that makes meaning, such as a proposal or marriage, the better because love is more than what is done in one day,” advises Christine

For Hon Daisy Nyongesa, Valentine’s Day evokes nostalgic memories of her engagement to the love of her life, Nabii Nabwera Daraja. It was a pleasant surprise as Nabwire got down on one knee six years ago. “I was in school then.

He sent me some money and told me to buy for myself a pair of nice shoes and a cute evening dress. I was to meet him in Eldoret, so he sent his driver to pick me up. Within no time, we arrived at a hotel and I was given a rose flower at the gate.

Nabwire then came for me and took me to a garden that had a pathway full of candles. I immediately knew, something was up. My birthday, too, is on February and he had promised a surprise. But I didn’t expect that he would be proposing to me on that day,” recalls Daisy.

“All of a sudden, his friends, my friends and colleagues started singing a happy birthday song. I turned only to see him on his bended knee holding a ring. He went something like, “Will you marry me…” I didn’t know what to do. I shed tears. I was confused. I was in my final year of my studies in the university,” she says.

According to her husband, he settled to propose on this day to show love and appreciation to his now wife, Daisy. “I wanted to prove that I was serious about her and that I wanted things to move to the next level.

Valentine ’s Day provided an opportunity to revitalise the life phenomenon; the spike of love, the truism of social connection and liberty of choice. It is a day I turned reflection into reality and turned a page of commitment to longevity,” says Nabwera.

To Nabwera and Daisy, everyday is Valentine’s. Now that they are married, each day gets sweeter. They share love and cherish one another daily. However, on this lover’s day, they make it more special by going on vacation. For instance, this Valentine’s, to celebrate her 30th birthday, the couple is planning to go for a vacation in Mombasa.

“Mombasa is our favourite destination. Valentine’s offers the ambience required to demonstrate love. I want her to feel my love for her,” he says.

Celebrated on the 14th of February across the world, Valentine’s has been famed as the day of love. There is no other time of the year when there is more focus on the romance in a personal and intimate relationship than that of Valentine’s Day.

According to marriage counsellor, Stephen Nzusa, Valentine’s Day can be a fun excuse to celebrate love with your partner or it can be the day that causes tension and stress if expectations are not well managed.

“Like most potential relationship matters, the impact this day has is determined by the couple involved. While there isn’t any pressure to go over the top or spend a lot of money, social media makes it harder as people just want to show off or do it for the gram. In addition, no one wants to be seen they are left behind in the whole affair,” he says.

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