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Formerly of gospel music group Christ Cycoz, award-winning Ben Cyco

Formerly of gospel music group Christ Cycoz, award-winning Ben Cyco has been in music for some time now. Following the group’s split, he’s in the limelight as a solo artiste, recently releasing the song, Like You. Alfayo Onyango caught up with him to talk about his ambitions

How has it been working as a solo artiste?

It’s been a new exciting challenge. Making the decision was a tough one and up to today, I still get questioned on why we chose that path [breaking up], but eventually, people will get used to the reality. At the end of the day you have to believe in yourself and let everything else transpire.

What inspired the decision to go solo?

Evolution and growth. I had to become and accept this new me. The fact that I wanted to pursue music as a career also, while other members had different ambitions, meant things had to turn out the way they did.

What’s your current relationship with the other members?

We still talk and we are still cool, as far as hanging out and socialising are concerned. We took different career paths, so we don’t work on music like we used to, but we will always be tight.

What gives you pleasure being a solo artiste?

With all due respect, the power to do whatever you want at any given time is irreplaceable. It’s incomparable. The part that I dread is the workload of being solo because you have to spend a lot of time worrying about logistics more than you will in a group. But my able team helps me divide the labour.

How have you reacted to the fans’ response on the Christ Cycoz split?

It’s been a journey and I appreciate the fans and haters. I’ve learnt that there is a core fan base that has stuck with me and I’m grateful for that. I’m engaging with them more and they have been supportive, so I show them love more than I could tell them.

How have you grown as an artiste?

It’s about responsibility now and I have had to get more muscle to record more music. I’m paying more attention to details and striving to improve more and more each day.

Who are your favourite acts in the gospel industry?

I have so many favourites and most of them happen to be people that are not even in the limelight. But I appreciate a lot of the music coming out of the Kenyan music industry.

Who is on your dream wish list for collaborations?

There may not be such dreams anymore because some have happened but Timmy T-Dat and Naiboi are definitely some of them to look out for right now.

How easy or hard is it to make it in the gospel music industry?

You got to be a hard working person to survive in this industry. So, if you fail to pull your weight you will be replaced. You need to have an imposing work rate and dedication because there’s a new face breaking out each day.

What kind of legacy would you like to be remembered with?

My desire is to cut across with life-inspiring messages; to both Christian and non-Christians. I want to spend my time putting Kenya on the continental musical map, spreading some good vibes and the message of God’s love to everybody.

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