Maendeleo leaders hit at their boss over corruption, inefficiency

Alvin Mwangi

Some Maendeleo ya Wanawake organisation (MYWO) leaders have accused the organisation’s national chairlady of not doing good enough to un the outfit.

The leaders claimed since Rahab Mwikali was elected to the post in 2014, she has not only allegedly neglected the grassroots women, who elected her, but also could not show meaningful projects she has initiated in the past four years. But Mwikali denies the allegations.

Martha Muyandazi, MYWO Nairobi chairperson, accused Mwikali of turning the organisation that lobbies for women’s issues into a business hub serving other interests.

Muyandazi said it has been difficult to have the organisation’s affairs probed as Mwikali sits on the National Anti- Corruption Steering Committee. Muyandazi wants investigations carried out into its operations,  a caretaker committee appointed to run it and Mwikali to step aside.

The organisation is set to hold its national elections this year and Muyandazi said many members were campaigning hard to ensure the next chairlady comes from Central Kenya in honour of the late Jane Kiano, who was one of the founding members of MYWO.

However, Mwikali, who spoke to People Daily on the phone, dismissed the allegations, saying Muyandazi has been fighting her since she took the chair position. “She has been fighting me all this time, I will not respond to her anymore,” Mwikali said.

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