Kibwana quits as Wiper chair

Makueni Governor Prof. Kivutha Kibwana severed his political ties with Wiper Democratic Movement leader Kalonzo Musyoka on Friday and asked him to revoke his chairmanship of the party forthwith.

Kibwana told his supporters to be ready for what he termed “any eventuality once the divorce of the political marriage with Kalonzo and party is finalised”.

Speaking to residents at Kwa Kathoka during a public participation forum on the county budget, Kibwana declared end of his “political marriage” with Kalonzo.

“You are the people who requested me to work with Wiper party, but I want to inform you that it is no longer tenable,” he said.

Alluding to Kamba marital divorce practice, Kibwana said the Wiper party should now give a divorce sheep to the residents of Makueni .

In Kamba tradition, when a wife divorces their husband, they are required to surrender a black sheep to symbolise the end of the union.

Kibwana, who has been the interim party chairman, a position he held for one year, is unhappy that his call for grassroots elections have gone unheeded.

He told his co-ordinators to be ready for any eventuality should Kalonzo revoke his party nomination certificate opening room for a gubernatorial  by-election in Makueni.

Kibwana compakuned of his latest frustrations by Kalonzo, who he accuses of sidelining him in the  negotiations in his new-found political arrangements with President Uhuru Kenyatta and the ruling Jubilee  Party following the March 9, 2018, Handshake between President Uhuru and National Super Alliance(Nasa) leader Raila Odinga. Kalonzo was Raila’s running mate in the 2017 General-Election.

“I learnt that Kalonzo had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Jubilee Party and I was not involved as a party chairman. This is the reason why Kalonzo said he should not be questioned on his relationship with President Uhuru Kenyatta as an errand boy,” he said.

Kibwana has also in recent times lamented about what he describes as dictatorship in Kalonzo-led party. “I have realised that the top most Wiper leadership has never abandoned the undemocratic and dictatorial ideas of Kanu of the 1980s and 90s. Just like we fought to rid ourselves of the one party regime, we must similarly fight to rid ourselves of Kalonzo’s desire to install a one-party mentality in Ukamban I region” he declared.

” If Wiper can panic just because three Ukambani governors have begun to challenge the status quo,what about when our population of 5.5 to 6 million says loud and clear that enough is enough? The writing is on the wall. People cannot be held hostage forever. The Kamba’s people like other oppressed people in history must now sayL Give me freedom or death.”

The Makueni county chief’s move comes against the backdrop of a fresh unity bid among Ukambani governors –  Kibwani, Alfred Mutua (Machakos) and Charity Ngilu (Kitui) – who are agitating for fresh leadership to propel the community to the next level of development and journey to State House.

The three county chiefs have relentlessly blamed Kalonzo of practising retrogressive politics through the party’s Members of County Assembly, who are undermining them and stalling development in the region.

On Tuesday, more than 20 Machakos MCAs including some who were elected on Wiper ticket called on Kalonzo to retire from active politics for allegedly failing to achieve any tangible development for the community since 1985 when he was first elected to Parliament.

They said despite Kalonzo serving in senior capacities including as Vice-President of the Republic of Kenya from 2013 to 2017, he had failed to offer leadership and direction to the residents.

To quell the internal party rebellion Kalonzo, on Wednesday, convened a meeting of Ukambani Wiper MCAs in what was seen as a fire fighting mission.

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