Taxi driver shot in stomach but grateful for life

Bernard Gitau @benagitau

The left side of Charles Karagu’s stomach still hurts but he is grateful he is alive. On Tuesday afternoon, he was on his normal business, transporting clients to and from from DusitD2 Hotel on 14 Riverside Drive, and nothing in the serene vicinity suggested his day and life was about to be disrupted in a big way.

“I and my two colleagues were having a chat, waiting for clients, when we heard a huge blast in the hotel compound. The blast was so powerful we fell down,” recalls Kiragu.

Broken glasses were flying all over after windows and vehicle windscreens were shattered by the explosion.  No sooner had they found their bearing than the gunshots started to rock the air. “We tried to take cover. I managed to hide behind my car but the gunmen spotted us and  shot at us. I was hit in the stomach,” he said.

Even though he was in great pain, Kiragu was determined to hang on to dear life. He and some people managed to crawl to the nearby Prime Bank where police officers were on guard but they were turned away.

Their attempts to stop vehicles on the road in the hope one would take him to hospital were unsuccessful. Help finally came from a boda boda operator who rushed him and his colleague to MP Shah Hospital where the doctors removed the bullet.

While he is out of danger, Kiragu does not know where to start after his tool of trade, the taxi, went up in flames at the attack scene. “I don’t know where to start but at least I came out of the ordeal alive,” he says.

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