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Ruth Odhiambo, a stylist and fashion enthusiast

Ruth Odhiambo is a stylist and fashion enthusiast who has worked with a number of notable personalities in Kenya’s entertainment and fashion industries. She speaks to Faith Kyoumukama about her style and interests

My fashion journey began when I was still a little girl. Watching my auntie dress up and getting all dolled up were my favourite moments back then. My auntie would even tag me along to her shopping sprees and get me really dolled up.

I loved this! I didn’t go to a fashion school though, but got into something totally different. In my Second Year at the campus, I started fashion styling as a hobby and later got fully into it when I joined Couture Africa Magazine. I know it may sound cliché, but my fashion journey was inborn; it’s the strongest passion I possess.

The most memorable moment was when I got the chance to style Victoria Kimani. She’s always been someone I’ve admired and wanted to style, so for me that was a mark on my bucket list.

A day in the life of a stylist, contrary to what people think, starts behind a computer. Research is the most important part, where you get conversant with what’s happening in the fashion world as it’s an industry that changes every day; something new is always happening.

From there, you do a mood board of what you want to achieve from a shoot, its theme, the location, designer, model and make-up looks, the story you want to tell and even picture the reactions you want from your audience. Once done, go ahead and get your model, photographer, and make-up artist and secure a location.

I then source for the looks from designers and stores, do fittings with the model before getting on set for the shoot, which usually takes the whole day, especially if it’s for editorial purposes.

The difference between a stylist and a fashion lover is the fact that a fashion stylist doesn’t just dress her or himself like a blogger or a fashion enthusiast. A stylist dresses everyone; young or old, male or female, meaning you have to really have your facts right all the time when it comes to sizes, body shapes and accommodating other people’s sense of style.

I work with different people with different fashion senses and I have to incorporate their style with what I think works for them, so we’d all be happy at the end of the day.

If money were not an object, I’d buy an entire shoe store and wear everything.

My favourite designer is Oliver Rousting, head designer at Balmain. I live for his creations.

I believe you should wear what brings out the best in you. Clothes have a way of determining and altering our moods.

Everyone should own a plain white T-shirt.

I would love to dress Tiwa Savage, Rihanna and Jidenna.

If I wasn’t a stylist, I would be an event organiser. I have a weird thing for pressure.

My best fashion buy is my 1829 acrylic handbag.

My style icon is Sofia Veragara

My go to accessory is sunglasses. They add oomph to your look.

If I could live elsewhere in the world it would be Las Vegas.

My signature scent is Obsession by Calvin Klein

My fashion obsession is shoes. I really stock up on them.